Areas of application


also for mopeds and motorbikes


especially for children of nursery and primary school age

Horse riders

when entering public traffic ways

Self-balance cyclists

the trend for electric-driven traveling


safety for joggers, rollerbladers etc.

"The product has great potential. It used to be the case that no one wanted to wear a cycling helmet, but now it's legal requirement. Perhaps SeniTurn will also become statutory provision one day."

Hans Peter Haselsteiner
Entrepreneur and business angel


Automatic flash

The flashing is activated as soon as the road users put forth
one hand to indicate the turning direction or to cross the road.
Such manoeuvres are spotted by the flashing function
on time and visibly, particularly in poor light condition.

Warning flash

This function is similar to the hazard lights on a motor vehicle.
When activated, SeniTurn emits a warning flash to enable
road users to move more safely through traffic or to
draw attention to an accident or danger spot.

SOS signal

In case of an accident the SeniTurn's SOS signal will
draw attention to the person's location. Especially useful
if the road user is injured or even unconscious.

"We are giving the SeniTurn to our staff because safety is important to us,
and it starts on the way to work, not just when you are there."

An internationally well-known industrial enterprise

Products supplied

SeniTurn set:

  • Two SeniTurn devices including hook-and-loop straps and finger loops for attaching to the back of the hands. The devices are waterproof and UV light-resistant
  • Two coin cells
  • Operating instructions

SeniTurn Tape set:

  • Two replacements each of the hook-and-loop straps and finger loops


Daniel Leeb

Managing Director & Sales

Markus Fußenegger

Design & Software

"SeniTurn is not just for active safety,
but helps provide legal evidence in the event of an accident."

Insurance companies


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