Traffic safety

More and more people prefer alternatives to motorised travel for making short journeys. But the high intensity of traffic means the risks for vulnerable road users increase. Protecting this target group is the vision and purpose of SeniTurn.

SeniTurn – Sensor integrated Turn Signal

Austrian company Senitec has developed a special turn signal for people moving in traffic, and it is also a high tech warning light at the same time.

One of these light, robust devices is quickly and easy attached to the back of each hand. It does not matter whether or not you're wearing gloves, it's raining or snowing, or the sun is shining – it works.

SeniTurn automatically begins flashing as soon as you make a hand signal to turn. It also flashes if pedestrians – in particular, children of nursery or primary school age – raise a hand before crossing the road.

In poor visibility and darkness and on dangerous sections of roads, a constant, flashing signal draws attention to vulnerable road users.

How it all began

The idea to develop a turn signal for cyclists came to Daniel Leeb a few years ago after he was involved in an accident with a car whose driver failed to see him when turning. After more than three years of hard graft, everything is set for spring 2016 – when "SenitTurn", the smart safety light for non-motorised road users, starts selling in Austria and abroad.

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Senitec – the company

At our location in Dornbirn – in the thriving border rectangle of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – we provide engineering services in mechatronics, electronics, control and information technology. We licence and sell intellectual property and operate furthermore as a commercial agency and trade in goods.

Senitec was founded in September 2014 as a limited liability company by Daniel Leeb, who is the majority shareholder. In the following spring, investors Michael Altrichter, Leo Hillinger, Udo Oksakowski and Heinrich Prokop took also shares in the company through their investment companies.

Daniel Leeb succeeded to fund his start-up in attracting several well-known investors. Amongst them Hans Peter Haselsteiner through the Puls4 Start-up Show "02 minutes - €2 million" and 105 private investors via the CONDA crowdinvesting platform.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the sponsors, mentors and good spirits who contributed to the development of the first innovative product and were on hand from the beginning with advice and assistance.

Markus Fußenegger, Daniel Leeb, Udo Oksakowski